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Unique flora and fauna

Pristine and unique, romantic and wild – Mecklenburg-Vorpommern is home to a diverse range of flora and fauna. It’s the land of two thousand lakes, thousand-year-old oaks, varied coastal landscapes, mysterious moors, tree-lined avenues stretching for kilometres, and countless animal species. Discover all this for instance in our three national parks, three biosphere reserves and seven nature parks.

Mecklenburg Lake District

Water sports heaven: Mecklenburg Lake District. (Image: tronixAS)

The beech woods in the national parks of Müritz and Jasmund on Rügen have been UNESCO Natural World Heritage Sites since 2011. The beautiful forests are not only the precious habitat of many animals like cranes and eagles, but also perfect for long hiking tours. The beech woods on Rügen offer a special highlight: the breathtaking chalk cliffs on the coast.

With over 1,000 lakes, the Mecklenburg Lake District is Europe’s largest networked water sports area – centred around the largest lake entirely within Germany’s borders: Lake Müritz. On land, visitors can make unforgettable memories while enjoying countless cycling and hiking routes, as well as panoramic towers and magnificent estates, castles and manor houses.

Peene river

Peene river – “the Amazon of Northern Germany”. (Image: TMV/Grundner)


Traditional state stud: Redefin. (Image: TMV/Grundner)

Eldorado for animal lovers

Hardly any other river in Germany is surrounded by as much wild nature as the Peene. It meanders over 100 kilometres through moorlands, forests and floodplains. Each kilometre here is its own nature experience with amazing sights of sea eagles, kingfishers and beavers.

A visit to Redefin is a must for anyone who loves horses: the state stud is inseparably bound with horse breeding in the state and the Redefin Horse Days will get the pulse of any equestrian racing.

Gespensterwald Nienhagen

The Gespensterwald – or “spooky forest” – near Rostock is among the most popular destinations for nature lovers, with its unusual and often bizarrely shaped trees – a mystical experience at dusk.

Beech woods on the island of Rügen

Gespensterwald – or “spooky forest” – Nienhagen. (Image: TMV/Grundner) Imprint Privacy Policy